When you think of good food, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the delicious taste, the happiness it brings, or the complete satisfaction it offers? Well, we have fantastic news for you! We can provide all of these amazing aspects for free! Just choose the closest branch from our menu list and place your order. We truly love our customers and can’t wait to serve you!


The Story of

Our Restaurant

Naira Grill was established on December 24, 2018, in Okhe, Ososo, with a clear vision to enrich lives through our distinctive products. Our mission is to spread happiness to families everywhere and cultivate an innovative ecosystem with our offerings.

Delicious Grill

Experience the delight of mouthwatering natural charcoal grills that will leave you in awe

Fresh Smoothies

Sip on our healthful smoothie, carefully blended from fresh fruits, nourishing your well-being.

yummy Shawarma

delight your mood with our rich and norishing sharwama

great service

We're here to offer you a wonderful and beautiful treat.

Discover Our

Great Flavors

Full chicken

Why bother going to the market for chicken when you can have it freshly cooked to suit your taste?


barbecue fish

We offer cat and croaker barbecue fish, all comes in variable sizes and prize.



Bite our yummy shawarma and feel the goodness


Banana milkshake

Treat yourself to our array of nutritious smoothie flavors and savor the goodness.


We Believe

Food unites

Let us be your gracious hosts as you and your loved ones relish every moment in our welcoming reception sections. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with exceptional service.


Love Us

All Menu items

5% off

Welcome to the grilling enthusiasts’ haven! As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a 5% discount on your inaugural order with us. We value your presence and can’t wait for you to experience the world of grills with us. Happy grilling